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Tips for writing your letter: - Introduce yourself! Talk about your family, pets, hobbies, and why you like being a part of ACAC Student Ministries. - Ask questions! Ask about how school is going, their favorite Bible stories, about their siblings, or their friends. - Talk about your school, or sports you play, or your relationship with Jesus. - Include your favorite Bible verse if you want!

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Growth Groups are small discipleship youth groups located around the city and are dedicated to helping you connect with students in your school, neighborhood and similar grade.

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Middle School Services



High School Services



Sunday Morning is a time for you, 6-12th grade students, to get together, worship with peers, and hear the word.  Student lead worship bands lead us in worship, prayer, and music as a large group each service.  Depending on your grade, Middle School (6-8) heads to sunday school classes lead by an adult leader while High School (9-12) receives a message in a large group setting.

If you're looking for a place to ask questions about Jesus, just starting in your faith, or are looking to get deeper into your relationship with Christ, this is both a great starting place and a great home for you.  Student Ministries provides a fun and interactive worship and learning experience every Sunday morning.  

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Midweek ministries are a place for you to connect and learn about Jesus with your peers in a youth group setting.  Full of fun, leaders, activities and the word.  Find the ministry thats right for you...


High School Ignite

9th - 12th Grade



Middle School Blast

6th - 8th Grade



Students of all ages have the opportunity to serve in the life of the Church here at ACAC.  From Childrens ministry, to Summer Missions Opportunities, serving is a weekly opportunity for all students at ACAC.

Christian Service Brigade Battalion 2760

Yearly Reigstration is now possible online!

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Battalion 2760 is a youth group for young men in 6th through 12th grades looking to learn about God, have strong fellowship, and realize what it means to become a Godly adult. Battalion 2760 strives to teach all its members to have valor, which is defined by the character traits Honor, Courage, Chivalry, Purity, Loyalty, Obedience, and Dedication.


Our Mission 

New to Battalion? Just need a refresher? Learn all about the history and key components of the Battalion Program and what a typical Monday night meeting consists of. 


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Interested in trying out Battalion or getting in touch with our adult leaders? Quickly and easily view meeting information and send us a message.