2015-2016 High School Growth Groups

This year, Student Ministries is launching a new curriculum called "The Story." This curriculum is designed to interactively engage students in God's story that is told throughout Scriptures and challenges them to think through how their individual stories are involved in God's overarching story for mankind.

The Sunday Morning Live sermon will be based on "The Story" curriculum as well, so Growth Group time with give students the opportunity to dialogue with one another about it as well as to talk about how it applies to their lives.

We are focusing on regionalizing Growth Groups this year; encouraging students to get involved in one of our four Growth Group locations depending on where they live: Southern Region, Northern Region, Central Region, and Eastern Region. For more information, please see the "Growth Groups" tab of this website.

Parents, we would LOVE to engage with you in the story of Growth Groups as well! We want to create a team of parents who take turns car-pooling students to their Growth Groups, to lighten the load of each individual parent and/or leader of weekly transportation. Also, we are encouraging parents to be involved in food preparation for the weekly Growth Groups. For more information, see the "Serve" tab of this website or contact Jackie Blanchard at Jackie.Blanchard@acac.net.