What is Battalion?


About Battalion at ACAC

Battalion is a program of Student Ministries at ACAC for young men ages 11-18.  Battalion is affiliated with Christian Service Brigade (CSB), an international organization that helps local churches to win and train young men for Christ. ACAC has been affiliated with Christian Service Brigade for over 50 years.

Battalion creates an atmosphere of excitement and responsibility that challenges young men physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

In Battalion, Christian men build personal relationships with teens and train them to be effective Christian leaders. These young men experience hands-on leadership through weekly meetings, service projects and weekend activities.

Battalion 2760 envisions a world where mature Christian leaders transform their community for Christ.

History of Battalion and the CSB

The Christian Service Brigade was founded in 1937 by Joe Coughlin then a sophomore at Wheaton College, Illinois. It began as a boys' group, under the name of the "Christian Service Squad," at the Methodist church in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, where Coughlin served as a Sunday School teacher. By 1940, when Christian Service Brigade was formally organized with a governing board, there were Brigade units at 18 churches in the Chicago area. From there, Brigade spread to churches across the United States and Canada. Today, units are most highly concentrated in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio.

A Typical Monday Night

Pre-Meeting Games

Directs and expends the members’ energy when they first arrive for the meeting. Time to build relationships in an informal setting.


An opening formation for announcements, prayer and information that quickly organizes the group and directs focus.

Achievement Counseling

Time for the members to have their achievements reviewed that they have completed during the previous week. This includes memory verses and activities with a leader and father or father figure. There is also a group for students who don’t have an achievement to complete tonight.

Squad Meeting

Teen leaders lead the small groups with devotionals and focused discussion.

Captain's Special

The entire group works on a project together or a leader introduces a hobby or skill to the students, exposing them to knowledge and skills to spark their interest and use for a lifetime.

Gym Time

Builds relationships as leaders and members enjoy safe, competitive physical interaction.


A time to interact informally over a snack.

Council Ring

Stories, Bible studies, and discussion presents and applies Biblical principles and encourages students to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.