Provide a Meal


This is an opportunity for folks to provide a meal for the Student Ministries Growth Groups, both Middle and High School. High School Growth Groups meet every Sunday afternoon and Middle School Growth Groups meet twice a month on Sunday evenings.
It is Student Ministries desire to engage parents of students as well as the wider ACAC Body of Believers to engage in this ministry so that we share the responsibility of service and to deepen the connection that our students have with the parents of those within their Growth Group as well as to acquaint the Church Body with Student Ministries.
Providing the group's physical nourishment would be a unique opportunity to set the table for the group's spiritual growth. 
If you are interested in participating in this vital ministry, fill out the form below or contact Jackie Blanchard for more information.

Department: Student Ministries

Function: Growth Group Meal Provision

Contact: Jackie Blanchard
(412-321-4333 ext 214)

Commitment: Volunteer Position

When: Sunday afternoon or Sunday evening

Where: Home

How Long: One or two times from 9/27/15 thru 5/31/16

Gender: either

Membership: not required

Requirements: Attended ACAC for 3 months. Application and interview. Background check conducted and cleared.

Name *